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Monday, July 24, 2017

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Summer Worship Series Week 6.
Koehler 4.8MB
The Truth About Salvation:
We are saved by Christ Alone.
Reactions to the Truth:
In Jesus' day,
Koehler 5.0MB
God tells us divine truth in Scripture.
We share it while others still listen.
Patoka 6.5MB
Every governing authority that exists has been established by God.
They are God's servants to do us good.
God will see to it that all things work for our eternal good..
Kassulke 5.7MB
God is the object of our faith.
God blesses us through faith.
Patoka 5.7MB
It's by grace alone that God promised a Savior.
Patoka 4.5MB
Summer Worship Series begins June 18 - "Our Great Heritage"
Each week we will consider bits of history from almost 500 years ago, but more importantly the truths of Scripture that at times were hidden from the people.
Church is NOT just like any other organization or club or team because we share the fellowship of the HOLY SPIRIT who makes us one with our Triune God and one with each other.
Koehler 6.8MB
Just as the Holy Spirit used the disciples long ago to share that message with the world, so he still works through us today as we share the same message.
Kassulke 4.7MB
He has fulfilled the Old Testament.
He has blessed us to be his witnesses.
Patoka 5.0MB
5/21/17 Offer God your all, your best. Kassulke 5.3MB
A Gentle Savior Calms the Disciples
A Gentle Savior Calms You and Me
Koehler 4.5MB
1) He is as good as the Bible says
2) Follow only Him!
Patoka 5.2MB
The Disciples were NOT talking about this (v 13-24)
Jesus WAS and STILL IS talking about this (v 25-32)
You and I SHOULD BE talking about this (v 33-35)
Koehler 5.8MB
1) He has risen from the dead
2) He has blessed you in unseen ways
Patoka 5.9MB
Easter Sunday
Koehler 6.1MB
Easter Sunrise Service
Kassulke 6.0MB
Season of Lent 
Kassulke 5.1MB
Palm Sunday (The Beginning of Holy Week)
Patoka 5.6MB
Season of Lent 
Kassulke 6.0MB
4/2/17 Kassulke 4.7MB
Season of Lent 
Rieke 5.4MB
3/26/17 Koehler 5.1MB
Season of Lent 
Patoka 6.1MB
3/19/17 Patoka 5.6MB
Season of Lent 
Parsons 4.3MB
3/12/17 Kassulke 5.3MB
Season of Lent
Heiman 3.8MB
We'll see:
1. The Life that brought Death and
2. The Death that brought Life 
Koehler 5.1MB
Season of Lent - Ash Wednesday
Ash Wednesday begins the season of Lent.  Ashes were used by God's people to show repentance.  The day derives its name from the practice of repentant people receiving ashes on their forehead.  This practice goes back to at least the 8th century A.D.
Koehler 5.7MB
2/26/17 Patoka 5.1MB
2/12/17 Patoka 5.6MB
1/29/17 Kassulke 5.0MB
1/22/17 Shine with God's light wherever the Lord has placed you in this world.  God has not nor will He ever forget you.  He will always be with you. Amen.
May God bless us as we find forgiveness and the encouragement necessary to be the lights God has made us to be.
Koehler 6.3MB
1/8/17 The Epiphany of Our Lord
What Child Is This?
Patoka 5.3MB
12/31/16 Great Is Your Faithfulness
The Prophets' Wonderful Announcement of Salvation (Isaiah 52:7-10)
The Wonderful Radiance of God's Glory (Hebrews 1:1-9)
Two Wondrous Births (John 1:1-14)
Koehler 7.5MB
The Ancient Promise Fulfilled (Luke 2:1-7)
Peace Has Come At Last (Luke 2:8-14)
Treasure God's Priceless Gift (Luke 2:15-20)
God became one with us in order to make us one with Him.  Jesus Christ is Our Lord.
Kassulke 5.4MB
The Song of Simeon.
Kassulke 5.2MB
No audio is available at this time.
Patoka 5.4MB
After the birth of his son, John (the Baptist), Zechariah was filled with the Holy Spirit and gave thanks to God.
Koehler 5.4MB
12/4/16 We look forward to the advent of the Kingdom of Heaven, that day we join our Savior.  It's His love for us, His sacrifice for us, His promises to us that move us to pay attention to John the Baptist and repent and produce fruits of repentance. Koehler 5.4MB
Mary's Magnificat was about a great and merciful God and how He showed mercy, not only upon Mary, but also upon the whole human race.
Rieke 5.4MB
11/27/16 How do we keep watch? Come to church. Join your fellow believers in hearing God's Word in hymns and in the various parts of our services and in the readings and in the sermons.  Fill up each week on the good news of salvation.  Focus your thoughts and minds on Jesus.  Be ready. Kassulke 5.4MB
What does Thanksgiving mean to you? 
Friends and family gathering around food and football, but even more, it's a chance to consider all the blessings God gives us.
Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. Amen.
Patoka 5.9MB
11/13/16 You, a believer in Christ Jesus,  will join the saints triumphant when you pass away.  Whether that will happen in the still of the night when you are old, to the beeping of an EKG machine on the hospital bed, or when the Son of Man comes in the clouds and his angels gather his elect on the Last Day, be glad.  For that is the day you will finally join the saints triumphant. Patoka 5.7MB
The Bible has much to say about Judgement Day.  It is coming.  We do not know when this day will come.  You cannot find it on any schedule, so this means that we want to always be ready.
Kassulke 5.0MB
10/30/16 Thank you to Pastor Wayne Mueller, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Tucson, Arizona, for bringing us God's Word in this Reformation Service. Guest Preacher 5.7MB
10/30/16 Learn the Word of God and thank the Holy Spirit.  You may pay the price of faith in ridicule, resistance, lost friends, and so on, but you will not lose the crown of eternal life in heaven because your Savior Jesus paid the price for you!
Koehler 6.2MB
Give glory to your Savior who has given you spiritual sight;
Serve Him by following Him and encouraging others to follow Him; 
Trust that He is indeed the Son of David.
Patoka 6.1MB
Before we have the opportunity to serve our Savior-God in heaven, we serve Him here.  And we do that by being like Him, serving others.
May God help you see the opportunities to do so.
May Jesus' example give you the desire to do so.
May the Holy Spirit move you to actually do so! Amen.
Koehler 5.7MB
10/9/16 Kassulke 4.7MB
10/2/16 Patoka 6.1MB
9/25/16 Kassulke 5.1MB
9/18/16 Patoka 6.3MB