Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church
Monday, July 24, 2017

Parking Permits

WELS Tucson Campus Ministry (TCM) offers parking permits for the Grace Lutheran Church parking lot. We do not sell parking permits for profit nor do we intend to run a parking lot. Instead we offer the parking permits as a way to help those students who are actively involved in our ministry.

We want to share God's Word!

The primary purpose of WELS TCM and Grace Lutheran Church is to share God's Word from the Bible. The main ways that we accomplish this are our Sunday evening Campus Ministry Bible Studies (specifically for students) and our Sunday morning Worship Services (for all ages). Parking permits are offered to students who participate in these activities.

What if I already have a church?

We are pleased to know it if you are already an active member of a Christian church. We hope that you attend that church regularly and remain active there. If you would like to additionally join us for our student Bible Studies, we will welcome you and qualify you for a parking permit. If you are an active member of one of our sister churches in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS), you are already eligible for a parking permit (but are still welcome to join us on Sunday evenings!).

Do you charge for parking permits?

We don't charge for our parking permits, but we do ask you to consider making a donation. The donations that we receive help cover the cost of printing the parking permits and help fund our Campus Ministry activities. For example, we will often have food at our Bible Studies, Movie Nights, or Parties. Thanks to generous donations (you can be generous to us and still pay less than you would to park on campus), we have been able to support our Campus Ministry activities almost exclusively with these donations.

What if I can't make it on Sundays?

If your schedule changes and you aren't able to attend worship or Bible Study with us, we do ask you to return your permit for someone else to use. Depending on your schedule, we may be able to find another Bible Study opportunity during the week so that you can maintain your parking permit eligibility. Please contact Pastor Patoka about this.

Sign me up!

Parking permits for the Spring 2017 semester were distributed at our Semester Kickoff Party on Sunday, January 22. If you are interested in applying for one of the remaining permits, please contact Pastor Patoka.